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Ruah Bull, MA, M.ED

spiritual director/educator














      Ruah has been a professional in the healing arts since 1977. She completed her spiritual direction training in 2001 and has been working internationally with individuals and groups on both the Christian and New Spirituality paths. A Catholic, she has deep roots and training in Celtic and Native American spirituality. Over the years, Ruah noticed that many people find that incorporating practices such as subtle aromatherapy, ceremony, and various forms of meditation and prayer enhances their spiritual journey. Ruah’s greatest joy is supporting folks in exploring their unique relationship with Holy Mystery. Ruah lives with her husband and fur baby in Massachusetts. Visit Ruah’s website at:



      My introduction to aromatherapy came in an intuitive development class in 1988 when the teacher unexpectedly began channeling a Native American medicine man. He told the class that we had lost the attunement to Spirit that came through olfaction (smell) because we were so inundated with artificial fragrances. He said that this was going to change, and then said, looking at me, “This is especially true for you.”

The massage school in California, where I was teaching hypnotherapy, developed an aromatherapy program the following year. This was a real gift for me. As much as I enjoyed learning about the physical applications, subtle aromatherapy (the energetic applications) became my passion. I was studying contemplative prayer, shamanism, and energy healing at the time, and essential oils became an important part of my personal transformational work. Without realizing, I had begun my many years of Aromatic Practice, integrating subtle aromatherapy into spiritual practice.

      While training in energy healing, Joni contacted me, and we discovered our mutual love of essential oils, energy work, and spirituality. During the next years we wrote our three books, all of which are now in second editions. Our collaboration continues to be a joy.

      As a Spiritual Director working with people on a variety of paths, I find many folks are looking to expand and deepen their relationship with Spirit/God/Source by exploring spiritual practices that support transformation (I describe transformation as the gradual healing of our woundedness, the unraveling of the false self/ego, and the emergence of the True Self transparent with the Light and Love of Spirit.

      I encourage them to experiment with different practices until they find the one(s) that resonate with them. It brings great pleasure for me to recommend our books as resources for their Aromatic Practice—to learn about subtle aromatherapy and how it might be used both on its own and/or as an enhancement. 

Thirty years ago, I had a large collection of essential oils. Today I have six favorites—"my oils” that have become trusted spiritual and energetic supports. They are dear friends. My prayer is that anyone drawn to Aromatic Practice would find in our books and programs the information they need for their own spiritual journey with essential oils. May they bless you as they have blessed me!

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