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Aromatherapy & Subtle Energy Techniques

Compassionate Healing with Essential Oils

Second Edition


Aromatherapy & Subtle Energy Techniques is suggested to be read second in the trilogy.


      Those of us concerned about health and well-being can be grateful to be living in this unique time when ancient and traditional forms of healing, from all over the world, are being re-discovered and re-claimed to accompany the incredible technological breakthroughs of modern medicine. 

      This book has combined two such forms: aromatherapy and subtle energy therapy. Though each effectively stands alone, they are extraordinary when used together. Each has a rich history in a variety of cultures for religious, ceremonial, and medicinal purposes. 

      The use of aromatics was employed by the early Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans, and is mentioned several times in the Bible. Aromatherapy, as we know it today as an alternative therapy, began in the 1930s. 

Subtle energy therapy, also known as energy healing, was used in the form of hands-on-healing or laying-on-of-hands, practiced by the Essenes centuries ago, and was used by the Chinese, Native Americans, and Christian Churches in ancient times as well as present day. Subtle energy gained substantial recognition in the 1970s when UCLA research, conducted by Dr. Valerie Hunt and Roslyn Bruyere, proved and measured, scientifically, the existence of subtle energy in the human energy field.

      Today, these two remarkable practices offer us a way to help ourselves and help each other. Throughout the text of this book, we use the term healing in the true sense of the word. To “heal” is from the Anglo-Saxon word haelan, which means, to “make whole.” If health is a state of wholeness, then healing is that which promotes, supports, and sustains it.

      Life’s experiences can leave us fractured. Yet, everyone has the potential to recover and transcend into wholeness. This book teaches how to use aromatherapy and subtle energy techniques together to serve this purpose of restoring balance and well-being. The methods taught in this book are simple, safe, and effective and can be used by anyone of almost any age. The techniques have been gathered from many years of study and experience.



Additional Testimonials for Aromatherapy & Subtle Energy Techniques


On Amazon verified purchase: “As a Clinical Aromatherapist and Healing Touch Practitioner, Aromatherapy & Subtle Energy Techniques is a must have! The information and explanation as to which essential oils may be best to offer is clearly written and easy to understand. Whether you are a Health Care Professional or an individual with an existing awareness of the benefits of aromatherapy and energy work or just starting to explore these health care/self-care practices, I would highly recommend it as a guide to incorporating and/or expanding aromatherapy easily into your day.


“We are living in an exciting time in the development of the healing arts in which different therapies are finding natural and potent ways to merge and blend. Aromatherapy & Subtle Energy Techniques offers a unique integration of aromatherapy and energy healing that will benefit both the professional and the layperson. I found it insightful, easy to use, and thorough. I am recommending it to my subtle energy healing students.” – Rev.  Margo Bearheart, Founder, The Transformational Healing Arts Institute.


On Amazon verified purchase: “Wow. First of its kind. A true gem. This is an amazing book. Combines energy healing with aromatherapy, healing touch and talk therapy & chakra healing. Unbelievably rich!!



Excerpt from

Aromatherapy & Subtle Energy Techniques


The following excerpt is a part of Chapter 2: Introduction to Subtle Energy Therapy


      Subtle energy therapy is a field of therapeutic work that is practiced by laypersons as well as professionals. It is a general term for a variety of methods being used today. Though their philosophies, styles, and techniques may vary, they are all based on the same principle, substantiated by quantum physics and neuropsychology, that the world we perceive as solid and material is composed of energy, including our bodies. 

Subtle energy therapy, then, works with our body’s subtle energy—its energy centers and its energy field. Hands, intention, and other supportive techniques can be used to influence and direct the body’s subtle energy in a helpful way. Subtle energy therapy can relieve tension and stress, support well-being, and assist in spiritual development. 

      Some subtle energy therapies include Therapeutic Touch, aspects of Polarity Therapy, Subtle Energy Medicine, and the teachings of two highly recognized instructors, Earth Energy Healing with Rosalyn Bruyere and Hands-on Healing with Barbara Brennan. Betsy Ginkel, certified in the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, describes the work: “Hands-On Healing uses the body’s innate wisdom and natural instincts to move towards health.” 


Our Energy Anatomy


      Subtle energy is produced by our body’s energy anatomy, also known as subtle anatomy. This anatomy consists of energy centers and the energy field. The seven primary energy centers are located along the spine from the tailbone to the top of the head. These spinning energy centers are often called chakras, a Sanskrit word meaning “wheels of light.” They receive, assimilate, and transmit various forms of energy, and play a vital role in our state of consciousness and emotions. The energy centers correspond to major aspects of our lives: survival, sex and relationships, personal power, love and compassion, communication, conscious thought and intuition, and spirituality. In the Sevenfold Journey, Anodea Judith and Selene Vega write, “None of the chakras function by themselves. As wheels spinning at the core of our being, the chakras are intermeshing gears, working together to run the delicate machinery of our lives.”

      The energy field is made up of levels of energy that permeate throughout the physical

body and continue outward from the skin forming an energy structure, which has also been

referred to as an aura. The energy field can extend from a foot to many feet away from the

body—the average being three feet or one’s arm’s length. 

      The energy field is generally described as being composed of four to seven subtle bodies,

depending on the source of information. We use the four-subtle-body model. The subtle

bodies closest to the physical body are the densest and have lower vibrations. As the subtle

bodies move away from the physical body, they become less dense and have higher vibrations. 

      The subtle bodies shift constantly in response to life experiences and moods—changing in shape, size, and color. They expand with uplifting thoughts and feelings such as joy and happiness, and contract with dispiriting feelings such as fear or hatred. 


The Primary Energy Centers

      Ideally, the seven primary energy centers spin harmoniously together, clockwise. (The orientation for this clockwise motion is from the outside, looking at the body.) Anodea Judith states in Eastern Body, Western Mind, “All of the chakras need to be open and functioning in balance with the others to be a fully thriving human being.” 

      The shape of the energy centers’ spin should be circular, full, and of equal size and shape to each other. The First energy center’s spin, at the base of the spine, points down toward the earth. The Seventh energy center’s spin, at the top of the head, opens to the heavens. The others, Second through Sixth, radiate out from both the front and back of the body, in their specific locations. The First, Second, and Third energy centers, located in the lower part of the body, represent the physical realm, and are related to the elements of earth, water, and fire. The Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh, in the upper part of the body, represent the spiritual realm. These triads are joined together and balanced by the Fourth energy center, the Heart, in the middle of the body.

      Secondary energy centers are located throughout the body. There is an energy center at every joint such as the knees, elbows, and hips. Two important secondary energy centers are the Hands and Feet. 

      At any given time, an energy center can be blocked or thrown out of balance. Fear is a common reason for this to occur, as well as sudden shock, or repressed emotions or feelings. An imbalance in one energy center can affect the others, especially those closest to it. For example, if you experience sudden grief (Fourth energy center), it can give you an upset stomach (Third energy center) and make it difficult for you to speak (Fifth energy center). 

      Under stressful circumstances—physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual—the energy centers react and reflect the situations, causing distortions from their balanced states. The spin can speed up, slow down, or change directions (counter-clockwise); the shape can become contorted; and the size can become smaller (constricted energy) or larger (congested energy). All these distortions can cause or represent problems that correlate to the various energy centers. For example, a distortion in the Fifth (Throat) energy center could stem from issues related to communication and may result in physical symptoms such as a sore throat, or psychological symptoms such as difficulty in communicating.        

      Imbalances or blockages can be eased or corrected by contact with an energy that nurtures, or one that vibrates at the affected center’s healthiest vibration. Using subtle energy therapy serves this purpose well and effectively, facilitating positive change.

      Following are general explanations of the seven primary energy centers. They include the common name or names of the center, a statement that describes the center’s essence, and the location of the center as it relates to the physical body. The concerns of the center (thought of as their duties) are listed and the key concept is mentioned first and italicized. If the center is in balance, it reflects the healthy characteristics specified in “Balanced state.” Imbalanced states are also noted, providing clues to understanding if a center might be out of balance and requiring attention. Each center provides energy for and is associated with a gland of the endocrine system, as well as other parts of the body. If a center is greatly out of balance, symptoms might be experienced in the associated area. Each energy center responds and relates to a specific color, as listed, benefitting from the color’s characteristics. 


First Energy Center (Root, Base): 

Statement: “I am.”

Location: Base of spine.

Concerns: Self preservation. Connection to Mother Earth, physical existence, survival, health, security, home, food.

Balanced state: Strong relationship with Mother Earth, positive attitude about life, good health, vitality, feeling stable/safe/secure.

Imbalanced state: Disconnected from body, fearful, disorganized, excessive worry, possessive.

Gland association: Adrenals

Parts of body influenced: Urinary system, genitals, intestines, bones, legs, feet, base of spine.

Color: Clear red (revitalizing)


Second Energy Center (Sacral): 

Statement: “I desire. I create.”

Location: Two inches below navel.

Concerns: Self gratification. Sexuality, creativity, desire, reproduction, personal growth, emotions, relationships.

Balanced state: Comfortable with feelings, self-love, enthusiasm about life, creative, emotionally intelligent and aware, capable of feeling sexual/sensual pleasure.

Imbalanced state: Sexual problems, mood swings, emotionally dependent or detached, feelings of guilt, lack of self-love.

Gland association: Reproductive (ovaries for females, testes for males)

Parts of body influenced: Urinary system, kidneys, reproductive organs, lower back.

Color: Clear orange (energizing)


Third Energy Center (Solar Plexus): 

Statement: “I manifest.”

Location: Two inches above navel.

Concerns: Personal identity. Personality, personal power and will, vitality, self-worth, likes and dislikes, social identity, beliefs, attitudes, activities.

Balanced state: Inner harmony, self-acceptance, confidence, comfortable with life experiences, attract what is wanted in life, attuned to the present, right use of power, warm personality, responsible.

Imbalanced state: Low self-esteem, temper outbursts, stubbornness, hyperactivity, control issues, trying too hard to please, shame, misuse of power, unable to express anger.

Gland association: Pancreas

Parts of body influenced: Digestive system, stomach, pancreas, gall bladder, liver, middle back.

Color: Clear yellow (invigorating)


Fourth Energy Center (Heart):

Statement: “I love.”

Location: Center of chest.

Concerns: Love and acceptance of self and others. Love, empathy, sympathy, compassion, connects lower and upper energy centers, appreciation of the arts, one’s life purpose, love connection with friends and family, good will, devotion.

Balanced state: Warm and sincere, ability to nurture oneself and others, joyful giving, compassionate, altruistic, grateful, peaceful.

Imbalanced state: Love and intimacy issues, anti-social tendencies, grief, depression, difficulty in forgiving, jealousy.

Gland association: Thymus

Parts of body influenced: Circulatory system, heart, lungs, arms, breasts, upper back.

Color: Clear green (regenerating)


Fifth Energy Center (Throat): 

Statement: “I speak my truth.”

Location: Center of throat.

Concerns: Self-expression. Communication (listening & speaking), creativity, time management.

Balanced state: Easily and comfortably able to express feelings, good listener, clear speaker, unselfish, ability to listen to and understand inner wisdom, involved in creative activities.

Imbalanced state: Shyness, fear of speaking, talks too much, selfishness, inability to listen, disconnected from inner wisdom, rushed (feelings of not enough time).

Gland association: Thyroid, parathyroid

Parts of body influenced: Respiratory system, throat, mouth, ears, neck, nose.

Color: Clear sky blue (soothing)


Sixth Energy Center (Brow, Third Eye): 

Statement: “I see. I understand.”

Location: Center of forehead.

Concerns: Self reflection. Intellect, perception, mental clarity, dreams, memory, intuition, understanding, imagination.

Balanced state: Active intelligence, intuitive, good memory, open-minded, open to spirituality, perceptive.

Imbalanced state: Forgetful, impaired vision, overly mental, close-minded, disconnected from intuition, experiences nightmares.

Gland association: Pituitary, hypothalamus

Parts of body influenced: Central nervous system, head, eyes, brain, face.

Color: Clear indigo blue (opening)


Seventh Energy Center (Crown):

Statement: “I am one with the Divine.”

Location: Top of head.

Concerns: Self knowledge. Sense of oneness, complete understanding, spirituality, faith, higher states of consciousness, divinity.

Balanced state: Balanced with other energy centers, unites inner and outer life, healthy detachment, divinely guided actions, spiritual, thoughtful, wise.

Imbalanced state: Apathetic, fear of death, lack of life purpose, over-attachment, disconnected from spirituality, disassociation with body.

Gland association: Pineal

Parts of body influenced: Central nervous system, brain.

Color: Clear violet (transforming)



The Subtle Bodies

      The four subtle bodies that make up the energy field play a vital role in our health, providing energy for the seven primary energy centers that will, in turn, be used by the physical body. Dr. Richard Gerber, author of Vibrational Medicine, states, “It is becoming increasingly clear that it is possible to therapeutically impact upon physical and emotional illness by affecting the higher frequency structures [subtle bodies] which are in dynamic equilibrium with the physical body.” 

      The etheric body lies just outside the physical body. It has a direct correlation with the state of the physical body and all its sensations. The etheric body sustains the equilibrium between the physical body and the other subtle bodies and houses an exact energy replica of the physical body, providing a blueprint. This level is strengthened by good health, including physical exercise. 

      The astral or emotional body lies next to the etheric body. It houses our feelings and

emotions, and our relationships with people, animals, plants, our environment, and the

universe. It affects the physical body through the nervous, endocrine, muscular, and

immune systems. Uplifting emotions (such as love, joy, hope) especially support and

expand this level while dispiriting emotions (such as fear, anger, hatred) weaken and

contract it. This level is powerful when feelings, both pleasant and unpleasant, are allowed

to flow (not repressed). It is strengthened by having good relationships with people, and

by giving importance to family, friends, and community. 

      Next to the astral body, going outward, is the mental body. It houses intellectual function, rational and intuitive thoughts, beliefs, judgments, the conscious and unconscious mind, and memories. This level is positively strengthened by activities such as learning, studying, and meditating.

      The outermost level is the spiritual body, which houses our spiritual essence and knowing our life’s purpose. It connects us to our spiritual self and emotional experiences of Divine love, spiritual joy, and bliss. The spiritual body organizes the subtle bodies and holds them in association with the physical body. It provides a protective boundary where our energy ends, and the rest of the world begins. This level is strengthened by maintaining harmony in our life, seeking higher truths, feeling connected to a greater purpose, and knowing we are a part of a greater plan.

            Rosalyn Bruyere, author of Wheels of Light, explains that an abnormality in the subtle bodies can be a warning that something is wrong in the physical body even though there may not yet be physical symptoms. She believes that dis-ease manifests first in the subtle bodies on an energy level, and then condenses to manifest in the physical body. If a disturbance is detected and addressed in the subtle bodies, dis-ease and disharmony in the physical body can be helped or prevented. Existing problems can also be influenced and assisted by working with the subtle bodies. To this end, subtle energy therapy uses the hands with intention to direct subtle and healing energy in and around the body to produce a positive change.



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