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Aromatic Practice


      Aromatic Practice Programs are currently in development.

When a program becomes available, it will be posted here and

in our seasonal newsletter. 


Examples of Possible Upcoming Programs


  • Balancing Your Chakras with Subtle Aromatherapy

  • Creative Visualization with Essential Oils

  • Creating Your Inner Sacred Space

  • Prayer Practices & Meditation with Essential Oils

  • The Subtle Path of Tarot

  • Meeting Inner Guides

  • Enhancing Intuition with Essential Oils

  • The Four-Fold Way: Creating Your Medicine Wheel

  • The Dreambody: Aromatic Practice & Body Wisdom


      If there is a program topic you would like included in upcoming possible programs,

please send your request to


Personalized Classes

      If you would like to consult with Ruah about her giving a personalized program for

you and/or your group on an aspect of Aromatic Practice, please contact her at

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"Listening to the Oils" with Ruah Bull 

      In Aromatherapy & Subtle Energy Techniques on page 35, there is an exercise called "Listening to the Oils." It is designed to help you discover and understand the subtle properties of a particular essential oil and how to use your gut feelings and intuition to gather information. This exercise will help you relax, focus, and "listen" to what an essential oil wants to "communicate" to you. The more you practice, the easier and more natural it will become. We believe that developing an intuitive and personal relationship with the essential oils we use enhances their subtle effects. 

      In this audio session, Ruah guides you through a simple 12-minute exercise to help you attune to a particular essential oil and discover the unique gifts and teachings it offers you. Remember that you may receive information that is unique to you. Trust your intuition. There is no right or wrong information.

      Before you begin the recording, have ready an essential oil that you want to focus on, a tissue, and a pen and paper. You will also want to be in a comfortable, quiet setting.

"Listening to the Oils" with Ruah Bull
00:00 / 11:23
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"Balancing Exercise for the First Energy Center"
with Ruah Bull

          Aromatherapy & Subtle Energy Techniques, has detailed information about subtle energy, subtle anatomy, and subtle energy therapy. To summarize here, in terms of our physical bodies, subtle energy refers to our life force. Everyone has a unique pattern of subtle energy that relates to their health and well-being. Our subtle energy is produced by our body’s subtle anatomy which consists of the energy centers and the energy field. 

        The seven primary energy centers are located along the spine from the tailbone to the top of our head. Each corresponds to major aspects of our lives: survival, relationships, personal power, love, communication, conscious thought and intuition, and spirituality. The energy field is made up of levels of energy that permeate throughout the physical body and continue outward from the skin forming an energy structure, often called an "aura." Both the energy centers and the energy field shift in response to our life experiences and states of mind. 

        Subtle energy therapy is a field of work that is based on the interaction of our body’s subtle energy with other forms of energy that direct the body’s subtle energy in a helpful, supportive way. Subtle energy therapy is a general term for a variety of methods being used today. Though their philosophies, styles, and techniques may vary, they are based on the same principle that the world we perceive as solid and material is actually composed of energy, including our bodies. 

        In this free audio session, Ruah guides you through a simple 13-minute exercise to support your first energy center, also known as the root or base energy center.

1st energy center with Ruah Bull
00:00 / 12:52
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