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Joni Keim


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      Joni grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and is a fifth-generation Californian. She works in the alternative health field as an educator, author, and consultant. She is trained in aromatherapy, holistic health sciences, aesthetics, nutrition, massage, flower essence therapy, therapeutic touch, and energy healing. Her private practice, from which she has retired, specialized in integrating alternative modalities and products into lifestyle/wellness programs. Joni is currently focused on Aromatic Practice as well as her writing.

      All of Joni's books are non-fiction, and the themes range from technical (her dedication to self-care and a healthy lifestyle) to spiritual and transformational (her father's influence) to memoirs (her love of matters of the heart). Joni experiences writing as a contemplative and personal practice. 

      Joni lives with her husband and fur baby in the San Francisco Bay Area.

      For more information and to purchase, visit Joni’s website at:

Joni's Books

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Spiritual / Transformational



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